Alarm Monitoring

24 Hour Monitoring Service

 In order to provide you with a greater level of protection, our Remote Monitoring Station service is supported by a UL and Factory Mutual Certified facility. Our professional operators are trained to identify incoming alarms and notify the appropriate authorities and responsible individuals needed for response. Our monitoring center is on the job when you can’t be. 

Our Monitoring Station is capable of monitoring all types of signals, including: 

  • – Burglar
  • – Fire
  • – Video/CCTV Systems
  • – Access Control Systems
  • – Panic & Holdup
  • – Two-Way Voice


  • – Motion Detectors
  • – Medical
  • – Carbon Monoxide
  • – Open & Close Reports
  • – Fluid Levels
  • – Industrial Systems


Fire Alarm Monitoring – Fire Alarm System reporting Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, Zone, and point ID signals.

Sprinkler System Monitoring – City of Chicago requires all sprinkler systems to be monitored whether the building has a required fire alarm system or not. Make sure  your system is monitored.

Burglar/Intrusion Security Monitoring – Direct Monitoring thru phone lines, Digital, Radio, GSM, or IP Communication. *Interactive features thru AlarmNet’s network and network vary depending on your system hardware.*

Elevator Phone Monitoring – Direct Monitoring thru phone lines.

Hi / Low Temperature Monitoring – Direct Monitoring thru phone lines, Radio, GSM, or IP Communication.

Panic or Duress Alarms

Water or Flood Detection

Radio Monitoring –Wireless mesh networking is an innovative technology adopted by many industries with applications that need to communicate data over a large geographic area with a high level of reliability at a low total cost of ownership.

GSM Monitoring – Allows the use of Interactive Security: Advanced tamper-resistant technology, Remote control through mobile apps, Real-time text and email alerts, No land-line phones are required. GSM sends alerts even when the system is disarmed. GSM works when power is out or internet is down.  *GSM monitoring operates on the same network as cell phones. The GSM monitoring we use include Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile Networks, so no matter where you are, you can be confident you are connected.*